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Ron A Alexander

Sports Medicine Australia

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Dr Jill Cook
A simple way to decrease pain and increase range allowing you to start rehabilitation. This method offers the clinician a wonderful addition to their treatment toolbox.
Physiotherapist PhD
Associate Professor Deakin University
Associate Professor La Trobe University
Felicity Kermode
I have used FFT in clinical practice since completing the Level 1 and 2 courses several years ago. I was so impressed with the technique that I paid for all my staff to complete the courses that same year. I initially used the technique mainly for pain reduction during functional retraining. However, I am using it more and more for muscle facilitation (along the line of the fibres) and inhibition (across the fibres) which has made a huge difference to my work with assessment and retaining of transversus abdominis, multifidus and pelvic floor muscle groups.
FFT works quickly and effectively so it is time efficient which is essential in private practice. It greatly increases the effects of my other treatment techniques by prolonging the input (both proprioceptive and via actual direct stretch), which leads to an overall better treatment outcome. It also allows the patient to exercise pain free which might not be possible without the FFT in situ. In the sporting population, it often allows the athlete to continue to participate while treatment is continuing rather than resting from competition. FFT has positively changed the way I treat and manage my patients in all aspects of my clinical practice.
P.G Dip Sports Physio
MPhty (Manipulative Physio)
Clinical Director, Move Well Pty Ltd, Perth
Pablo Laver MD
Excellent therapeutic tool to achieve immediate, reproducible and measurable results. Great Workshop!
General Practitioner
Massage Therapist
Jan Smith
I would encourage all health practitioners to become skilled at this method in order to include it in their repertoire of managing painful soft tissue conditions.
Sports and Manipulative Physiotherapist PHD (Cand)
Sports Physiotherapy Australia Representative to the
National Advisory Council of the Australian Physiotherapy Association
Australian Representative to the International Federation of Sports Physiotherapy
Matthew Green
“I have found FFT to be an effective means of reducing symptoms and therefore allowing athletes to continue training and performing rehabilitation exercises. As a result of this our athletes are able to return to playing more quickly with less interruption to their training schedule.
I feel that FFT has been a valuable addition to my treatment options. I would recommend this method to therapists treating musculoskeletal conditions in all patient populations".
APA/SPA Sports Physiotherapist
Rugby League Football Club Cronulla-Sutherland
Li Cunxin
I have always aimed to be the best I could be in life and work. Ron's remarkable and innovative FFT I have to say impresses me. I received immediate pain relief faster than anti-inflammatory drugs and increased flexibility, which allowed me to maintain high levels of performance as a principal dancer.
Former Principal Dancer
Houston Ballet and The Australian Ballet
Lauren Allison
After completing the Functional Fascial Taping (FFT) Level 1 course, opportunities to use the techniques did not immediately present themselves. It was only when other soft tissue therapy techniques were not achieving the required results, or weren't progressing quickly enough that I put FFT into practice. Once I started using the techniques, the indications for the use of FFT became more and more obvious, resulting in me using FFT more frequently and with fantastic results. Completing the Level 2 program, enabled me to apply the techniques to an even broader range of conditions and achieve even greater results. I've also found this technique to be invaluable when travelling with sporting teams, as it allows you to treat athlete conditions effectively, quickly and in just about any situation.
Soft Tissue Therapist
Australian Institute of Sport
Department of Physical Therapies
Steve Felsher
I've completed both the FFT Level 1 and 2 courses and have been using the technique for some 18 months now. The FFT technique is very sound in it's theoretical base and unbelievably simple in its application. It has drastically changed my approach to taping and has been very beneficial in helping manage and rehabilitate a variety of soft tissue injuries. We've possibly used the FFT technique more frequently in treating planta fascia dysfunction, anterior and posterior ankle impingement, medial tibial stress syndrome and peripheral nerve entrapment syndromes. I highly recommend the use of FFT as well as the Precise Restrictive taping technique (PRT) for all practitioners who are serious about getting long-term results.
Principal Physiotherapist Physio4All
BSc Physio(Hons) MAPA/OHPA/PBA
Gustavo Ricarte
I want to thank you for the course, a most enjoyable workshop. This method is essential for everyone who works with sports, to have a quick solution for pain!
Simple and Efficient!! Excellent Ron !!!
Physiotherapist of Botafogo`s soccer team
Rio de Janeiro- Brazil, Botafogo de futebol e regatas
Debbie Creamer
"A new "Alexander Technique"!
FFT is definitely the most efficient course I've done. Often, the simplest concepts prove to be among the most effective, and this is certainly true of FFT. It's clinical application is direct and easily accessible. We're using it with great results in our physiotherapy and pilates clinic...I believe it should be a tool in every physiotherapy and sports clinic...like all great concepts, it's already heading that way."
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
B.App.Sc. (physio) APA / MPA
Dr. Ken Crichton
I witnessed the benefits of this technique in many of our dancers and regard the technique as having a place in the management of sporting and dance injuries.
I would commend this technique as a further addition to treatments that are beneficial in the management of dance and sporting injuries.
Sports Physician
Medical Director for The Australian Ballet
Deputy Chief Medical Officer Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Karen Lucas
FFT has pushed the boundaries of clinical science... and improved outcomes for patients and clients. The best pain relief technique I know.
B.Ap.Sci, Hons
Ad. Dip, Myotherapy
PhD, (cand).
Suzie Goodall
As a clinician I believe that is of the utmost importance to be able to offer patients an array of methods that can be utilised to improve their condition, whether it is related to pain or loss of range of movement. I have now been using FFT for almost 2 years and in this time have found it to be of great benefit in doing so. Such conditions that I have had success with using FFT include:
. Labral tears in softballers for improving pain free range of movement
. Cervical facet joint impingement
o As an adjunct to clinical treatment, it has provided my patients with further pain relief and increased range of movement
. Lumbar disc irritation with neural compromise
o FFT has markedly improved slumps and straight leg raise and unloaded the neural structures
. Bilateral Periostitis
o Improved patients ability to get back on the court / pitch / field pain free
. ITB Friction Syndrome
I continue to utilise FFT in my practice and encourage all clinicians to consider FFT as an adjunct to their treatment as I believe it can only improve your clinical outcome.
Principle Powerhouse Physiotherapy
Masters Sports Physiotherapy
Bach. Sc (Physio) Hons
Bach. Nurs, RN Canberra
Noelle Shader
I have no hestitation in highly reconmending FFT, it enabled the dancers to work and perform without pain and allowed me rehabilitate dancers in a pain free environment.
The Australian Ballet
Ballet Mistress and Rehabilitation Facilitator
Australian Centenary Medal
Dr Andy Gordon
I have been in the health industry for over 15 years as a sports massage therapist, personal trainer and now osteopath, I have been using FFT with great success on both acute and chronic patients. I have been delighted in being able to provide pain relief, both immediate and long term using this system of taping which works on a wide variety of areas from hands, shoulders, necks, backs, feet and ribs. My patients are amazed and find it hard to believe that a little bit of tape could make so much difference in decreasing their pain. The FFT course was well presented informative and professional, I would have no hesitation in recommending Ron Alexander's FFT course for anyone in the health industry.
BSc (Hons.) Ost
Gold Coast
Anne Griffin
I have just come back from the Murray Marathon and the people I treated with FFT were very happy little paddlers and also the Therapists and even the first aiders were very impressed with FFT. Thanks for the knowledge and I am looking forward to level 2.
Remedial Massage Therapist, Bendigo
Vince Cosentini
I have been using the FFT method for the past 2 years with great success. Whether I am treating an elite athlete or a member of the public I have found it to be a very useful tool in treating complicated sporting ailments or everyday aches and pains. I would encourage any therapist to do the FFT level 2.
The workshop teachs you ways to treat a broader range of conditions.

The FFT workshop series is setting the standard in musculoskeltal pain mangement.
Soft Tissue Therapist
Australian Institute of Sport
Department of Physical Therapies
Stuart Hinds
FFT helps with patient compliance. Patients and athletes are able to stretch and be treated.
Soft Tissue Therapist
Victoria University of Technology
Geelong Football Club
Olympic Games
Sue Hyland
I have found FFT to be a very useful tool for effective relief of both acute and chronic pain. It greatly facilitates early movement and exercise.
APA/MPA Manipulative Physiotherapist
Ross Stretton
The Australian Ballet holds Ron in such high regard that it has awarded him a scholarship to represent our medical team at the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science Conference in England and also to visit dance and sports medicine Doctors, Physiotherapists and Masseurs throughout Europe.
Former Artistic Director The Australian Ballet
Kathy Honeck
Astonishing results for immediate pain relief for most any musculoskeletal pain problems presented to a massage therapist.
Remedial Massage Therapist

Prab Bahra

Participating in this course was one of the best moves I have made. Ron's method is simple and very effective. I know of no other therapy that can provide such immediate pain relief. I thought I had learnt enough in the Level 1 part of the course and I was not sure about doing the Level 2 course, but am glad I did, as I learned even more useful applications of the technique. I would advise all physical/complementary therapists to add FFT to their repertoire as soon as possible. I now always have my tape in my gym bag just in case I come across a fellow athlete having injury issues!
Prab Bahra, BSc.(Hons), ITEC, ECBS, FFT
London, UK

Narelle Davis

The workshop has already helped some of the gymnasts I work with.
Myotherapist for the Victorian Institute of Sport
Australian Gymnastics Team
Olympic and Commonwealth Games

Susan Mayes
The main aim of the rehabilitation team is to increase range of movement and decrease pain, so incorporating FFT into the treatment regime is most effective.
Principal Physiotherapist
The Australian Ballet

Dr Ronald C. Suss

I have used this method on some of my patients over the years with outstanding therapeutic success.
General Practitioner,
North Melbourne Medical Centre
Jeanette Jenkinson
Thanks again for your truly 'inspiring' course. To have a patient come to me in pain and then leave with, reduced symptoms or better yet pain free and an increase in range never ceases to make my day. With the addition of this 'pearl' in my toolbox of options; my mind boggles with the possibilities!!!.
Soft Tissue Therapist
Janet Dohnalek
I’m writing to let you know that after last weekend’s course, I have been using FFT on about 60% of my patients this week. I am very happy with the results so far. Some of my army guys have had pain for a long time. My collegues are also quite impressed with some of the results that they have tried on their patients.
Two interesting cases: First guy had a Tibial Tubercle Transfer 3 ½ years ago and has had constant anterior knee pain ever since and resulting calcification in the patella tendon. He reports 90% pain relief with normal activities, especially stair-climbing. He also reports a sensation that his quads actually feel like they’re working (something that he hasn’t felt before).
The second guy was involved in a significant APC (Army Personell Carrier) roll-over accident in April. He sustained soft tissue neck injuries (MRI normal). Since then he has had constant neck ache and i/m headaches but full cervical ROM. He works as a mechanic on army vehicles. I applied FFT to his upper traps as these were achy and it helped immediately. I then added the cervical longitudinal strips because you suggested on the course it was helpful (but it made my headache worse). So I guess I was quite skeptical. He returned two days later reporting complete pain relief, a very happy mood change and that he slept for two nights in a row painfree. He couldn’t wait to see me for more taping. I guess you could say that I am quietly excited.
B.App.Sc. (physio) APA
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Australian Defence Forces
Steven Heathcote A.M.
I sincerely recommend to anyone involved in the field of treating injuries to take a closer look at Ron's techniques and theories. FFT has been instrumental in allowing me to continue dancing with reduced pain during periods of chronic injuries.
Principal Dancer The Australian Ballet
Member of the Order of Australia
Matthew Holmes
Thought you may be interested to know that I had a great result with FFT of a costochondral injury. Young guy had a fall on a motorbike with the handle catching him on the costal boarder. He ended up having his spleen removed. I saw him 4 weeks later and he was unable to lie on his stomach or take a deep breath. I assessed him while he was lying prone on the table and then taped him supine. Had to keep retesting to get the tension right but had him almost pain free to lie on his belly. He rang today to say he was still virtually pain free
Lecturer Victoria University
Liz Walker
We all had the opportunity to witness instant results as we practiced it on each other during the workshop. I have been using FFT on my patients from the very next day following the FFT workshop. The treatment possiblities seem endless...
Adv.Dip.Health Sci (Myotherapy) PhD)
Musculoskeletal Management,
Mast. Appl. Sci
Masters of Chriopractic (ST)
Bernd Adolph
The immediacy of relieved pain and improved range of motion when the correct technique is applied is an ongoing source of amazement... A great tool for analysing and assessing soft tissue dysfunction.
Subiaco Sports Massage
Olympic & Commonwealth Games Soft Tissue Therapist
Dr. Peter Parker
An innovative fast effective treatment that allows for rehabilitation which is so crucial when trying to regain lost function. A great tool for any health professional to maximise pain relief and recovery in their clinic.
Wallabies Osteopath 99'-01'
Heidelberg Osteopathic Clinic.
Alison Bell
I had been using FFT as a successful adjunct to my clinical work as a musculoskeletal Physiotherapist since undertaking the Level I Course in 2004, but was keen to take that knowledge to a higher level, as problems arose in applying it in the treatment of more complex disorders! FFT level 2 provided just that knowledge and has increased the range of clients on which taping has proven to be a viable addition to treatment. Interestingly, my confidence and imagination in exploiting the manipulation of the mechanical interface in parallel with more conventional techniques has taken my work into a completely new clinical dimension.
I highly recommend FFT and the Level 2 course.
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
B.App.Sc. (physio) APA / MPA
Ben Neves
Dramatic effects! FFT is working wonders, for so many people, from all walks of life, I've nearly had people in tears with relief... it is truly awesome...
Sports Massage Therapist UK